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From residential homes to large commercial properties, our team of highly skilled and fully licensed Plumbers are ready to tackle whatever project comes their way.  

Offering a full range of professional plumbing, drainage and gas fitting services, our team have the knowledge, skills & equipment to find innovative long-term solutions to meet your needs.

At MSJ Plumbing we don’t believe in offering quick fixes or band-aids, because they often end up being more messy, costly & timely in the long run - which is why our team go above & beyond on every job to deliver thorough, high quality work that will stand the test of time – without breaking the bank or having to dig up your entire yard.

Fully mobile, we’re equipped with a range of specialised plumbing gear and fittings that allow us to work as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, all while keeping the job site clean, tidy & safe.


Taps, Toilets & Pipes

Whether you’re simply looking to upgrade your dodgy old tap and toilet fixtures to something more modern, install additional fixtures, find the culprit of that annoying drip or crank up the water pressure, MSJ Plumbing can help. From new fixture selections to fixture placements or leak detection and prevention, we can do it all.

Drains, Pipes, Gutters & Roofs

When it comes to water and where it goes, our team have seen and dealt with it all many times before, making us the experts when it comes to leak detection, blocked drains or gutters and burst pipes. 


If there’s water going where it shouldn’t, or no water going where it should then don’t worry, we’re on to it. Our plumbing & drainage experts along with our specialised equipment allows us to quickly identify the cause (without any invasive exploration) and come up with a suitable solution so you can get back to your day with as little fuss and mess as possible.


Water Tanks & Pumps 

Saving water has never been more important and having a correctly functioning water tank and pump will not only help save the planet, but it’ll save you money too. From selecting the right tank and pump to suit your needs, to installation, maintenance and repairs you can rely on us to provide a tailored solution that meets your water storage and usage needs. 


Sewerage & Septic Tanks

Choosing the right wastewater system to treat your domestic or commercial sewerage, having it installed correctly and maintained regularly is critically important due to the health and environmental impacts it can have over time. 


From a Home Sewage Treatment Plant (HSTP) to an Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) or Effluent Bed system, we have the experience and knowledge to help determine which system best suits your needs and can look after everything from removing the old one to design, placement and installation. Plus, we can also offer ongoing, regular maintenance checks to ensure your system is always working at its best. 


Water Treatment & Filtration

Be it for drinking or irrigation, all water no matter its source or intended use, needs to go through some type of treatment or filtration system to ensure it is removed of any contaminants and micro-organisms that could prove harmful to your health or the environment. Our team have the know-how to thoroughly assess your water source and suggest the best option for treatment, filtration or purification be it for a house, a large commercial property or rural project.


Hot Water Services 

At MSJ Plumbing our team understands that everybody NEEDS hot water, but not everybody wants the same hot water system. Whether you prefer Electric, Gas or Solar we can help you make an informed decision on which system will best meet your heating & budget requirements. We’re also pretty handy at repairing, servicing and replacing all types of hot water systems – so you’ll never have to worry about having a cold shower again (unless you need one).


Storm Water Services

Storm Water Systems are designed to protect public health and the local environment by preventing sewage and stormwater backing up into homes and properties. 


Blocked or damaged stormwater drainage is particularly hazardous in high volumes of rainfall and has the potential for serious damage to your property and local environment. 

Don’t risk your health and safety or unnecessary damage to your property, if you suspect your stormwater needs repairing or need to have drainage installed, give us a call and we’ll get out to you to assess your situation urgently.


New Works & Renovations

Whether you’re looking to build a new home or renovate an existing one, MSJ Plumbing are on-hand to assist with all your plumbing, drainage and gas needs. 


From designing your dream Bathroom, Kitchen & Laundry fit out to Water Tanks, Pumps, Sewerage & Septic Tanks installations and everything in between we’ll be there from start to finish - all the way from concept design, to rough-in and fit-off, to council inspections and final certifications.


Plus, with access to a large network of respected and reliable builders, electricians and other trades you can be confident that we’ll deliver everything and more that you’d imagined for the space. 


Gas Installation, Service, Repairs & Safety Certificates

As licensed Gas Fitters, we’re not only qualified but highly experienced to carry out a range of gas fitting services, repairs and certification for residential and commercial properties as well as Buses, Boats & Caravans. 


Gas hot water system installs & repairs, Gas oven or cooktop installations, Commercial kitchen installations, Outdoor kitchen and BBQ installations, Gas Leak Detection & Repairs – if gas runs through it, we do it.


So, if you’re experiencing any gas issues, or looking for a professional & safety conscious gas specialist, you’ve found us!


Backflow Prevention Testing

Backflow Prevention Devices are installed in all water tanks, fire hose reels or irrigation systems to prevent the backflow of pollutants or contaminants into the public water supply which is why annual Backflow Prevention Testing is a legal requirement for all residential and commercial properties in South East Qld.  


Specially certified to perform testing on a variety of devices (Reduced Pressure Zone, Break Tank/Air Gap & Testable Double Check Valve devices), we take this responsibility seriously and perform a thorough series of tests to ensure your property is in full compliance with the government legislations AND keeping our public water supplies safe. 


Thermostatic Mixing Valve Testing 

Thermostatic mixing valves (TMV) maintain and limit the mixed hot water at your property to a safe (yet desirable) temperature to help prevent burns and scalding from unregulated hot water as well as to reduce the likelihood of any harmful bacteria growing in your system. With TMV testing legally required for all households on an annual basis, our team have undergone the required training & certification to provide efficient yet thorough inspections and maintenance on all types of TMV’s.


Hydrojet Drain & Pipe Cleaning

At MSJ Plumbing we provide a cutting-edge method of drain & pipe cleaning using a specialised Hydro-Jetter which uses spinning high-pressure water to move and expel any build up in your plumbing systems without damaging your plumbing or having to dig up your entire yard. 


A Hydro-Jetter is an extremely thorough, non-invasive method of removing soap, grease, detergent, bacteria and other types of build up from sewers, storm water systems, grease lines & effluent beds. It is so powerful it can also be used to break down and remove any plant roots that may have intruded your plumbing system over time.


CCTV Camera Inspections

With the use of a rigid high-tech closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera and locator, our specially trained team of plumbers can accurately locate and trace existing plumbing or services while also identifying any breakages or root penetrations - all without having to perform unnecessary, messy and costly earthworks.